About Us

WardFas is an online leader market maker established in 2003. From the start, we've made trading the markets as basic as possible with unique mobile, web and desktop platforms. Traders enjoy total markets get to with a fundamental, efficient strategy to CFD's, forex and options trading WardFas technology breaks not simply the administrative barriers, but also the minimum financial entry level. With our system, the user can open a position for simply 25 USD. Although we propose incredibly complex financial products, we take the user action by action, in the most hassle-free and most transparent way, through the treatment of completing the offer.


We value your trading experience. Our traders are usually new to trading and need to learn the capabilities needed to prosper. We provide total and extensive training courses and in addition to account service managers, we run a dedicated customer help group who handle issues in minutes.


Unlike other online trading platforms, our total range of trading tools makes it possible for importers, exporters, and others with Forex, stocks or other derivatives direct exposure, to rapidly hedge their funds.

Trade with confidence knowing that your stop loss and take profits rates are made sure! Your risk capital need to not be a moving target which is why we make sure the rates you set, and above all, it's free! In spite of how unsteady the markets get your risk and earnings methods are under your total control. We've permitted this unique function in both the WardFas platform and MT4.


You should continuously know the cost of your trading and with our fixed spreads you get the absolute best expense openness of any broker. Focus on your trading and do not fret about slippage or unforeseeable market conditions, the expense you click is the rate you get!